Sunday, 11 March 2012

More puppet making

Puppet making has progressed a lot more recently and I am hopefully on schedule to start filming on the 19th

I have created hands for both of the main puppets, I am currently awaiting concept art for the other two minor characters, the armatures for which have been created using a much cheaper yet still effective method.
The difference between the armatures is shown in the photograph below.

The head for the sally character is now on its way to completion, it has been made from pink industrial foam covered in super sculpy and moulded into a face shape.
The eyes, mouths and eyebrows will be created separately.
There is a metal rod in the back of each characters head so that they can slot easily onto the armatures and can be easily moved when animating.

I have created hair for the Sally head out of white miliput, (which will soon be painted red) and have used wire at the back so that I can have a moveable ponytail.

The skin colour for the puppet has finally been chosen and the puppets have been painted.

The Tobias puppets face is now finalised.

The mouth shapes are currently being created for the characters as well as eyes, eyebrows and other extra replacement pieces.

The project is coming along and I am happy with the progress so far, I hope to have everything ready for the 19th.

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