Monday, 25 June 2012

Degree show

My film has been up a while now but go back a post to see it in full.
I had a big screening of my film at staffordshire university on friday the 15th June, it was a great night and a lot of people came, i thought i'd put up some stills from the night:

Here i am next to my movie poster for The Obsession, with a Tobias badge on.

Here is a shot of the poster up on the wall, it was up with many other great posters such as the infamous James the Elelphant, a film that i also had a small hand in .

There was also a mural showing characters from all of the films shown

Close ups of Tobias and Sally

I also got to show off the set and puppets as well

My set with bowlfulls of badges

Sally and Tobias
A zombie Maquet created in my first year of university 
The bed from Sally's room

I also had the fox from my anti fur film:
And the octopus from my It came from stoke canal film:

Here is my film on the small screen

And here it is in the film screening room

I will post up more when the film gets going again and i can continue with it.

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