Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I took a week out of filming to go to the FMX conference in Stuttgart, it was a really good week and it inspired me a lot and by the time it was all over i was itching to get back on the stop motion rig.

 This is me at our university's FMX stand
(Just behind me in the bottom left you can see stills from the film)

At the conference i was lucky enough to see some great stop motion films and also some amazing talks from people working on the big stop motion films.
I watched some particularly good talks on the Friday, first was a talk entitled 'Filming Aardmans pirates,' presented by Tom Barnes from Aardman, i of course jumped at the chance to see this and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different methods used to create the film.

I also got to see a talk by Mark Shapiro from LAIKA, this i was extremely exited to see as we got a look behind the scenes on the Coraline movie and the upcoming ParaNorman.
This was an amazing look at how everything was made, after the talk i was able to get to see and hold some of the stop motion puppets from Coraline, this was a wonderful opportunity to see how the puppets worked.

Although a wonderful experience and though i learnt a lot it means that i have lost a week on filming, i started up again on Monday and am planning to have all scenes filmed by the end of the week, then i have left myself a week for editing and then the three minute version of the film will be complete, although i still have all of the sets so the full nine minute version can still be created after the hand in.

So i will be working hard for the next two weeks and then will have a film ready to show.
I will upload some pictures at the end of the week if i have time.

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