Monday, 2 January 2012

Set building

Okay, so set building is a big part of my project, I want to show that the main character lives in a really disgusting flat, it’s just full of mould and dirt and grime. The main set of the film is the kitchen, it is the set in witch most of the scenes take place, it is the central location of my film.
The whole film is set within this small flat and so I wanted to put a lot of detail into the kitchen, this was the set I was most anxious to get created and so this is the set I started with, I felt that if I got the kitchen set right then I could create the other sets using this one as a basis.

Here are so making of pictures, I will upload more soon, but for now here is a little look at what the kitchen will be.

First i looked at my own kitchen for research

I then set about creating cabinets

This is a life scale drawing of the Sally character; I used it to measure the kitchens proportions

I then cut draws and counter tops out of white foam board and glued them to the pink pieces of foam

Painted foam board

Almost finished cabinet

The walls for my sets are going to all be created out of white foam board backed with cut pieces of wood, here is the back wall for the kitchen

Now with kitchen tiles added

This is the kitchen window where the set will get it's light

I created a sink out of cut foam board and white miliput

I then made the kitchen look grotty and dirty with paints and super sculpy

I created wooden blinds for the window and a fish was created by a fellow student

The tap for the sink was created out of super sculpy as was the kettle seen below. I spray painted the sink silver to give it a metallic look.

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